The Ashiana School Launches “Artificial Intelligence” in Rajasthan at School Level

The Ashiana School, Bhiwadi in keeping with its mission of progressive education is taking a bold leap forward in preparing its learners for the challenges and opportunities arising in the future of Artificial Intelligence and allied technologies by launching an AI curriculum for its students.


The Ashiana School, Bhiwadi


The implementation of the AI program will be in the form of special lectures, interactions an activities on a designated Saturday (2nd Saturday) of every month. The typical engagement of every child on that Saturday in the AI activities will planned in such a way that child gets exposure grade / age appropriate.


Speaking about the development, Ms. Komal Satti, Principal, The Ashiana School, said, “A new model designed with the year 2019 - 2020 and beyond is for children to get familiar and comfortable with Artificial Intelligence and allied Technologies and be ready to prosper and flourish in the world that awaits them when they leave School.”


The dedicated environment with activities at the “Artificial Intelligence Experience Centre and co-learning space” shall be launched latest by July 2019. This program is designed for all children in classes 8 upwards, but brilliant, exceptional and precocious children of classes 6 and 7 may also be included.


Countries like China have also made a strategic move of a massive teaching of AI to its School students. Canada has also joined the band wagon; The US, Finland and Poland have created AI awareness programs at the School stage.


In this age of rapid knowledge explosion Scientific thought leaders such as Sir John Ziman have opined that the frontiers of knowledge should find a place in the classroom without much delay. This is what the Ashiana School at Bhiwadi is doing.” Ms. Satti further added.


Future of today’s school going children in shaping their successful careers in various fields / segments shall surely rely on knowledge cum application awareness in AI.